How Much does Tanking Cost.

How much does tanking cost? per square metre for the materials not including the installation costs

  • Sheet Membranes
  • Tanking Liquids
  • Tile Backer Boards

Sheet Membranes are a cost effective way to tank a bathroom/shower area and the quickest before you can start tiling . Average cost per metre based on a 10M2 area to tank Approx £8 to £15 per metre (depending on brand)

Tanking liquids Membranes are also cost effective way to tank a bathroom/shower area Tanking liquids are a little more difficult to arrive at an approx cost per metre as the different brands offer varying coverage of the tanking liquid so it always good to check coverage before you buy Approx £8 to £15 per metre

Tile backer boards are the are also a good choice for tanking a room with the 10mm thick sheets selling for Approx £10 per sheet so working out at Approx £14 per metre

This does not take into account any accessories that may be need to complete the tanking of the room such as waterproof sealing tape for the corners and joints

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